Lexus Unveils All-New GX

Lexus recently revealed the all-new GX during its world premiere in Austin, Texas, USA, set to be launched in different regions starting from late 2023. As a brand that continually strives for innovation, this release builds on Lexus’ tradition of pushing boundaries to provide fresh value to its customers.

This year, Lexus introduces the new LM, a luxury answer to chauffeur-driven transport, and the LBX, a compact vehicle with a new luxury value proposition, designed to cater to diverse individuals.

The GX, positioned between the LX and RX, is a robust SUV known for its body-on-frame structure, catering primarily to the North American market. With the incorporation of the new GA-F platform and a V6 twin-turbo engine, the all-new GX promises enhanced performance, power, and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for on and off-road adventures.

Noteworthy advancements include the introduction of the E-KDSS system, superior traction, and exceptional rigidity, maintaining its genuine off-road capabilities. The striking exterior design combines form and functionality, creating a visually appealing aesthetic.

The interior offers modern comfort with off-road visibility enhancements and features that provide a sense of security. The new GX is part of the “Overtrail Project,” aimed at promoting outdoor experiences that help people appreciate, enjoy, and protect nature.

The new GX focuses on a way of living and has been developed to let customers feel a new aspect of Lexus, which aims to coexist with nature. The key concept of the new GX is to create a Lexus off-roader that symbolizes the central core of authentic Lexus off-roading.

Key Features:

  • New GA-F platform for superior durability
  • Powerful 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine with class-leading towing capabilities
  • Exceptional body rigidity and precise steering
  • State-of-the-art brake control technology
  • Advanced safety technologies

Lexus continues to innovate, aiming to create a society where people can experience the joy of coexisting with nature. Stay tuned for the new GX, available from late 2023!

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